Key Issues for Progressive Managers

In a great post Jonathon Farrington reminds us that management:

Takes time – you cannot get so bound up in your own workload that you skimp on time you should spend with others – are you spending enough time on helping others to do great work?

Takes effort – it is challenge, there are no magic formulae or quick fixes that will do the job for you – you need to influence frequently, consistently and with a strong working relationship with your team members of you are to manage a team to high performance.

Needs thought – the obvious or immediate answer may not be best, things may well need research, analysis and thinking through – the short term answer dealing with the immediate presenting problem is rarely enough.

Is not a solo effort – seek and take advice from where you can, including your own staff

Is a process of helping others to be self-sufficient – this implies trust and that management works best when you take a positive view of what people can do

Is based on good, regular and open communication

Becomes self-sustaining when it works –  if people find your management helpful (to the job, the organisation and to them) then they will support it and support you

At its best management is not what you do to people but the process of how you influence them to improve their performance.

Management success comes down to a considered approach. It is about routine, consistency and patience.

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