Why Aren’t We Mowed Down in the Rush…

 Mowed Down in the Rush To Enterprise

More enterprising communities are stronger, wealthier, happier and sustainable.  

Aren’t they?

The advantages are obvious.

So how come, when we’ve explained the benefits of enterprise so carefully, and offered all the help and support any budding entrepreneur could possibly need, we’re still not mowed down in the rush as enthused and energised communities respond to the call?


  1. Obvious to who ?

    We all perceive and experience change based on our own unique framework of experience.

    So if you come from (for example) a middleclass, white collar community with a reasonable education, your family history is one of being employed, law abiding and generally being a productive member of society … then yes, the benefits v the hard work, worry, stress, sheer exhaution that is entrepreneurship probably do seem ‘obvious’.

    But what if your early life experiences don’t fit into that framework ?

    Maybe you come from three generations of worklessness, have never seen someone coming home from work on a friday night, exhausted but elated at achieiving something and with a wage packet as your reward ? Maybe you just think everyone claims benefits, because everyone around you does ? Maybe you’d think, why would anybody get out of bed and go to work, when they can be financially better off on benefits ? I mean really, what’s the point ? How do you know work is for you, unless you’ve experienced it … let alone going as far as working for yourself ?

  2. Once again the nail is hit squarely on the head Marie. It is all about walking in their shoes for a while….

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