Ideas and Opportunities are NOT the Problem

Business opportunities are like buses, there is always another one coming along – Richard Branson

At least that is the case if you are already ‘enterprising’.  Then the main problem is to stop the flow of opportunities and ideas long enough to make disciplined progress on any one of them.

However if you have been born and brought up in a struggling community there is a fair chance that the way you see the world makes it almost impossible o recognise ‘opportunities’ other than those that everyone else in your peer group recognises – the military, shelf stacking, alcohol, benefits, crime etc.

Your own self image may mean that ‘business opportunities’ are either not identified – or are quickly dismissed (‘I wouldn’t have what it takes’, ‘I would only mess it up’.)

Engaging those who are not yet thinking of themselves as enterprising or capable of learning the skills of enterprise is a major challenge in using enterprise in community transformation.


  1. Hi,

    Interesting thought. I agree with you, for me I would add put the same challenge in an additional light – in struggling places it’s hard to be exposed to a variety of inputs – and it’s this very wide variety of inputs that creates new ideas and allows you identify opportunity. Creativity comes from divergent thought and divergent thought comes from associations between widely varying inputs.

    If you’re in place where media might be restricted or hardly accessible, where internet access is only to dream of and where not many people from outside come – it will be harder to create new ideas and concepts. I think that a lot of benefit can be had from creating more exposure to a wide range of inputs – which helps the process of identifying opportunities.

    Take care and thanks for a good blog!

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