5 most important lessons I’ve learned as an entrepreneur

When Guy Kawasaki writes a post under the title:

‘5 most important lessons I’ve learned as an entrepreneur’

you just have to check it out.

I especially like ‘Make a little progress every day’ in which Guy goes back on his once held believe that a big marketing splash could launch a business ‘to infinity and beyond’. Instead he now favours lots of little steps forward taken over the long haul.

This parallels what I try to teach aspiring entrepreneurs about making progress by understanding their goals, understanding the current reality and then focusing on the immediate next steps, which are sometimes almost trivial things, that they cannot fail to do. Keep doing this often enough for long enough and the progress is amazing.

It provides a massive contrast to more formal business planning processes that often result in intimidating and insurmountable ‘To Do’ lists that make the whole enterprise game appear to be nigh on impossible.

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