An organisation where:

  • people on the frontline make operational decisions that help to better serve customers
  • pressure to perform comes from peers and a sense of shared purpose rather than from a boss
  • teams, not managers, decide who to recruit
  • everyone knows what everyone else earns – and what they do to earn it
  • where ‘top’ pay is limited to 20 times average salary (the norm in private sector if 400 times!)
  • employees think of it as a community on a mission to make a difference in the world, rather than a employer
  • mission matter as much as the bottom line – and BOTH matter a lot
  • every employee feels that they are running their own small business and takes day to day decisions accordingly

What could you do to make your organisation more like this?

Would the effort be rewarded?


  1. My guess is that a vast number of people would want that and yet trying to find examples is perhaps easier said than done!

    This then leads on to the question of why aren’t there more firms like this and what are we doing such that these conditions aren’t being created?

    I’m toying with some thoughts around self-acceptance, but I doubt that will resolve all of the above!!!

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