When an RDA Outplaces

So the LDA are seeking outplacement services to support a ‘rightsizing’ that is taking place.  Now you would think that for an organisation charged with supporting enterprise they might take an enterprising approach to this opportunity.

So what do they seek to commission?

“Outplacement Support: In order to ensure staff potentially affected by these changes are well supported, we want to have in place a package of outplacement support for them.
The Opportunity:
We need a supplier who would be able to offer a package that may include the following;

  • Developing and running group workshops covering CV development, job search strategies and interview preparation;
  • One to one coaching and support;
  • Other tools/approaches that could usefully support displaced staff.”

CVs, job searches and interview preparation.  So none of the LDA staff ought to be encouraged to have a look at self employment or entrepreneurship then!

They are happy to promote enterprise for others but less enthusiastic about it as a way forward for the people that they are casting off.

Looks to me like they are putting together an unimaginative figleaf of outplacement support that does not even reflect RDA policy towards encouraging enteprise!

Hey Ho!

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