Engaging Communities in Enterprise

26th September, Euston, London

More enterprising communities are stronger, wealthier, happier and more sustainable. Aren’t they?

The advantages are obvious.

So why, when we’ve explained the benefits of enterprise so carefully, and offered all the help and support any budding entrepreneur could possibly need, are we not mowed down in the rush as enthused and energised communities respond to the call?

  • What holds them back?
  • Why don’t they ‘get it’?
  • Why don’t more people clamour to take up enterprise services?

This one-day workshop will help enterprise practitioners better understand community engagement, to see it from the customers’ point of view, and bring their skills to bear to overcome barriers and resistance to change. It will help you to make connections, get working relationships established and developed, and offer services which respond better to communities’ needs.

This is a day of theory and practice facilitated by Mike Chitty and Anne Sherriff. Mike has been involved in enteprise development for over 20 years. Anne has a strong background in engaging communities in regeneration.

What will you learn?

You will go away from this day better equipped to understand the drivers and barriers influencing the extent to which people in disadvantaged communities will engage in development initiatives.

We will also give you practical insights and strategies to make the most of the drivers and minimise the barriers.

After this day you will be able to plan your interventions more effectively, developing ambitious but achievable goals that deliver results.

Using enteprise lessons from Britains got Talent, horses and their riders and young people from some of the most challenging estates in Leeds we will help you to explore the human stories behind the enterprise agenda and the multi-dimensional nature of the enterprise challenge.

After this day you will re-think how you make initial contact and go on to build effective working relationships with individuals and communities.

BLOG READERS DISCOUNT: Readers of this blog still qualify for the ‘early bird’ discount – save £100

Who should attend?

This event is for you if your job brings you into contact with local communities as a:

  • community development worker,
  • enterprise officer,
  • trainer or community facilitator,
  • manager of enterprise or other community development projects;
  • provide marketing or PR support to community projects;

The day will also be highly relevant if you work for an agency which is seeking to address worklessness or promote enterprise as a way of tackling disadvantage in local neighbourhoods, or if your role involves developing community enterprise.

To find out more and book your place click here.

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