Why People Do Things

  • Some people do things because they enjoy them.
  • Some people do things because they work.
  • Some people do things because everyone else is doing them.
  • And some people are satisfied/scared/shy/lazy/fearful and don’t do anything.

If we are to help communities and the individuals who live in them to become more enterprising then we need to understand the reasons why they do the things that they do and help them to find powerful reasons to do different (more enterprising?) things.

This process of reflection, developing insight, options and choosing to change behaviours is at the heart of helping people and therefore communities become enterprising.  It is not easy work either for the client or for the service provider – yet it is at the heart of transforming and enterprise culture.

It implies much more than just flooding the supply side with workshops and advice.  It means a serious engagement with individuals in communities – with their hopes, fears and dreams.

It requires trust, influence, education, development and, perhaps more than anything, respect.  It requires enterprise coaching.

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