Enterprising Politicians?

So we are in mire and the politicians decide that now is great time for them to incentivise employers to create jobs.  The promise of £2500 if we take someone who has been unemployed for at least three months into employment. 

No doubt there would be some takers but, I suspect, not as many as they would hope.  There are a group of business people who are always looking for ways in which government programmes can be exploited.  And usually they generate bad press as benefits intended for the ‘needy’ are used to prop up the profits of the ‘greedy’!

Most of us recognise that our job is to create value for customers – not to create employment.  That is not the responsibility of the entrepreneur.  It maybe a very welcome by-product – but it is not a responsibility. 

We should not be bribing entrepreneurs to create jobs.  If the right people are available to create value, and the market is available then the potential for profit will (and should) drive job creation.  If an incentive of £2500 is the thing that makes a difference between increasing payroll or not then one really has to question viability of the decision.

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