Psychological and Technical Aspects of Developing Enterprise

The vast majority of time and effort that goes into ‘supporting enterprise and entrepreneurship’ is focused on developing the technical skills involved.  You know the kind of stuff:

  • cash flow forecasting for dummies
  • how to develop a marketing strategy
  • making money from your hobby using e-bay etc etc

On the other hand very few providers think seriously about how they help people to learn to be more enterprising in the way they think, in the attitudes and beliefs that they hold, an din how they develop the resilience that enterprise demands.

Wepromote the technical aspects of enterprise ahead of the psychological aspects – just about every time.

But it comes down to this:

You train someone who does not think like an entrepreneur the technical aspects of business development and you have achieved next to nothing.

You train someone how to ‘think’ like and entrepreneur and you have one!  Bingo!

So let’s start to think hard about the way that enterprising people think, the belies that they hold and the assumptions that they carry – and lets learn how to help more people to develop and share this enterprising psychology.

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