The Client Decides…

As a matter of principle I believe that the client should always decide when our job is done.

We should work with them, free of charge, for as long as it takes for the client to make the progress they desire.

No limit to the number of hours.

No limit to the length of the relationship.

But this requires real skill in portfolio management and managing client independence on behalf od the coach – if their portfolio is not to become ovrloaded with clients who are not real making progress.

The relationship has to be professional, committed, developmental, progressive and challenging.  It should be neither ‘comfortable’ nor ‘easy’.  The coach has to be able to get to the real nub of the problem – quickly.  This is rarely the problem or opportunity that the client initially presents with.  They then have to act as real catalyst for progress.

As long as this is being achieved we should be prepared to support the client for as long as it takes.

We should always remain available to clients.  Our job is not done when we hand the client over to the mainstream.

Our job is done when the client decides that it is.

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