Blowing My Own Trumpet!

Couple of pieces of feedback about small pieces of work. 2 hour diagnostic conversations with managers of enterprise services followed up by brief 1000 word reports back to them.

Hi Mike,

thanks for this….you have managed to capture exactly my vision, and my apprehensions, in regards to the the service and expressed it in a way that is so much more professional than I could ever do myself.


Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for meeting with me last week and for the report you kindly sent us.  It was very helpful to talk through the issues and to have them laid our so succinctly in your report, which despite identifying several areas that need addressing, I found very encouraging.

I am not quite sure the best way to approach [our funders] but do feel I it would be beneficial to send them a copy before I see them.  Are you happy for me to do this?  I shall also send the information to our Board to reflect on and I have requested that we find some time to work on the issues you highlight.

You also suggested I should contact someone from the council about taking the market plan forward into the city.  Are you happy for me to takes some quotes from your report to send to [ list of councillors], if we are going to progress our move into [the city centre] it will only happen by having all of them on board.

I look forward to hearing from you and again many many thanks for your time, encouragement and assistance…

In both cases the intervention has led to clearer understanding and a series of actions designed to take things forward.  This IS the enterprise coaching cycle in practice.

If you manage an enterprise service and would benefit from a similar service do get in touch!

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