Definition of Enterprise?

There are lots of them and most of them are not very helpful.

No, not SEOs.  Definitions of enterprise.

At the moment this is my favourite:

Enterprise  – something, anything, you do intentionally that you believe will help to shape the world more to your liking.

This then makes enterprise a function of your power to shape the world and your self interest – rightly understood and negotiated.


What is your favourite definition of enterprise?

Prizes for the best!


  1. KellyJS@mikechitty “Making things happen”

  2. Mike,

    My definition of enterprise or enterprising follows;

    An individual who uses their initiative and drive to make things happen; having taken into account and managed risks along the way to make improvements to the status quo.


    Peter Ramsden
    Paramount Learning

  3. the enterprise cocktail:
    willingness to take risks,
    the ability to see the consequences of one’s own actions, and
    the willingness and ability to come up with new solutions

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