Find Their Enterprising Soul

Enterprise is not the same as entrepreneurship.

Being enterprising has little to do with starting businesses.

Enterprise is ALL about:

  • recognising how things are,
  • recognising how you would prefer them to be
  • having the self confidence, ideas, plans and taking action that helps to narrow the gap.

If we start from this premise we will find that we can engage far more people in learning the skills of enterprise than if we start with the tired old ‘Have you got  a great business idea?‘ line.

We enterprise professionals might even find that we get taken seriously by educators and community activists.  We might even find that we have something really powerful to offer to the social and economic development of communities.

And if we engage  people in ‘finding their enterprising soul’ then there is a good chance that some of them will go on to start businesses and social enterprises as they start to exercise their enterprise muscles.

Sounds exciting?  Then PLEASE leave a comment, get touch and ask others to the same.

Let’s reclaim enterprise from the ‘men in suits’.


  1. Great, to the point article Mike. There are a huge amount of people in suits promoting Entrepreneurship as Enterprise and this could be where the education starts. At every opportunity I try to explain the Enterprise v Entrepreneurship theory and you see a littel light wink on then slowly extinguish as they think about targets, who their paymasters are etc. I believe that there is a lot of Enterprise development and encouragement at community level and I feel I have seen it to a lesser or greater degree within Connexions (is this a national organisation? ) who do careers advisory work with young people and where I have seen the enterprising development is more through working with their NEET groups. It is about educaiton at all levels from the very top down to the community levels. The educaiton I think needs to start with taking Enterprise away from it’s co-joiing with Entrepreneurship/Business. I’m pleased that ‘Enterprise Week’ is now Global Entrepreneurship Week. Perhaps Enterprise Week needs to be re-defined and brought back as a way of kick starting people to be Enterprising? Who’s going to talk to the top about changing semantics?

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