Make Your Mark – Technology and the Enterpreneurial Journey

Really interesting use of technology by the Make Your Mark people on their Pioneer project.

Essentially young entrepreneurs record video diaries of their journey which they can then use to reflect on and learn from. for more info.

Couple of observations:

  • encouraging entrepreneurial characters to learn from reflective practice can be tricky.  They are usually obsessed about diving into the next experience rather than reflecting on the earlier one (generalising I know). This can be  a battle worth fighting!
  • this sort of project will appeal to those who are already entrepreneurial and risk taking by nature – great that we can support these people – but aren’t they likely to do it anyway?  Could we use technology to engage more ‘risk-averse’ and introverted types and use it to engage them in the enterprise agenda too?

Big THUMBS UP for the Make Your Mark team on this one.  A real effort at innovative enteprise support!

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