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“Get Mike involved and he will tirelessly, creatively, and knowledgeably solve the problem, and improve the situation whether in the private or public sector. His ideas on management training are up-to-the-minute and effective. His team’s find him inspirational, and his client’s find him effective because he applies real business acumen in such an original way.”
Max McKeown, Innovation & Strategy Coach, Facilitator & Speaker, Maverick & Strong Ltd

“Mike is an extremely professional consultant and facilitator. His approach is thorough; his knowledge and skills are at the highest levels, and his style balances both support and challenge. He is extremely effective at what he does and having had the pleasure of working with Mike on a number of projects, I can safely say that I know from first hand that clients benefit greatly from his work.”
Mike Notman, Director, wbs Consulting

“Mike cuts through the organisational BS to deliver projects that really make a difference. I’ve worked with him as a consultant in two different organisations and always found him to be easy to deal with and a great people manager. He also knows the difference between processes and goals, inputs and outputs – no prizes for guessing which he regards as the more important.”
Andy Maslen, MD, Sunfish Limited

“I had the pleasure of working with Mike for several years in the BLU – Business Link University – a virtual “corporate university” for small business development professions which was funded by the Government’s Small Business Service 2002-06. Mike was initially one of the service providers / BLU associates and later became director. I served as BLU Principal and was impressed by Mike’s commitment, hard work and creativity.”
David Grayson, Principal, BLU

“Mike Chitty is an outstanding practitioner. He has the rare talent of seeing beyond the obvious to the heart of an issue and its potential solution. He is imaginative, challenging and always highly practical. He provides projects with insight, experience and facilitates intelligent solutions. A voracious learner, he is a cut above the norm. Someone I have admired for years and with whom it has always been a stimulating pleasure to work.”
Jim McLaughlin, Managing Partner, Optima + Co

I worked with Mike when I was a member of the key associates’ group of the B.L.U., the development arm of the Small Business Service. Mike was both an excellent facilitator and strategist, identifying needs within the service, sourcing potential solutions and identifying channels to ensure that those solutions reached individuals who were directly involved in delivery.”
Dick Willis, Senior Consultant, CN Resources Ltd

“Mike is a skilled people developer and learning facilitator. Good to work with, he delivers outcomes you can see and measure.”
David Gee, Interim Waste Strategy Programme Director at Essex County Council

“Mike is very knowledgeable on social enterprise and down-to-earth management skills for progressive managers – his workshops are full of well-researched content and are great value for money :)”
Lee Jackson, Motivational Speaker

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