The Problem is not the People

Most of our attempts to develop an enterprise culture are all about fixing individuals.  Giving them support (because they are not strong enough), providing them with advice (because they are not clever enough) etc.  It is all about fixing faults.

Very few attempts take seriously the social context in which we expect enterprise to develop.  Enterprise is a social phenomena- a product of community and relationships – it is not about fixing individuals.

It is about building communities.


  1. Some good points – I think you’re right that we shouldn’t look at enterprise culture as being about ‘fixing’ and that it is both about individuals and communities.

    You’re missing the end off your article though –

    “It is about building communities…

    Which is why Make Your Mark’s Enterprising Britain competition (recognising the success of communities encouraging enterprise) and Enterprising Places Network (connecting communities to encourage enterprise) are so important. ”

  2. Yeah, but I couldn’t resist a plug there.

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