Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

It seems like I am being taken seriously, by some at least, when I say that enterprise and entrepreneurship are not the same.  If we want a more enterprising culture we need to start with enterprise and (in most cases) not entrepreneurship.

Enterprising individuals and communities understand their current position and have a good idea of what ‘better’ looks like.

They also have the courage, confidence, skills, organisation and support to take action to narrow the gap.

If we want to encourage communities to be more enterprising our starting point should not be:

  • Have you got a great business idea? but,
  • What does better look like to you? and
  • What is stopping you making things better? and
  • How can I help?

This way we might get a much larger stock of constructively enterprising people, some of whom might just go on to entrepreneurship.


  1. This is the exact position that I am in right now… have been in a business for awhile, things are going well and just need to take that extra leap to expand my business so that it can meet its full potential. One thing that I have done is take Sophfronia Scott’s advice in her latest book “Doing Business By the Book.” This book has helped me figure out what needs to be done and how to do it. It is a must read for any business owner who is looking for a powerful way to get their message out and grow their business.

  2. Glad that you have found a book that works for you. In my experience most books provide good guides on the techniques of business – but provide very little help to entrepreneurs who are struggling with their own sense of identity of the type of person that their organisaiton requires them to be.

    Is this book any different?

    Managing the psychological aspects of entrepreneurship, aspiration, fear, hope and ambition is the really tricky bit. Coping with the enormous changes in role and behaviour as the organisation grows and changes. Being liberated by your enterprise rather than trapped by it.

  3. I had discovered a couple of years ago what it was I wanted to do, and that is when I started my business. After being in the business for awhile I realized that I needed to move things to the next level and just didn’t quite know how to do it. This book really did give me a lot of things to think and ponder upon and then taught me how to fulfill my goal.

  4. This is great advice (from commenters as well), as i am what I like to think of as a blossoming entrepreneur. My biggest issue is straying away from just assessing my “big idea” and instead focusing my efforts and energy on essentially performing a rudimentary cost benefit analysis.

    Thanks again.


  5. I think it is great we shared our ideas about becoming more enterprising and perhaps set ourselves some enterprise challenges.

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