Industry Day Dawns in North Leeds

Today is Year 10 industry day for my daughter.

We had a wonderful discussion last night about ‘what to wear’.  Seems that school guidance of black trousers or skirt with a white blouse leaves lots of room for self expression.  My daughter intends to see just how far the ‘business like’ dress code can be pushed.  Just like real work then!

This morning she gets an extra half hour in bed as Industry day starts later than normal.  And she gets to be home by lunch-time.  Anyone for an ‘Industry half day’?

She has been told that she needs to behave in a ‘business like manner’.  I have force fed her on ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Dragons Den’, with a smattering of ‘Secret Millionaire’, ‘Last Millionaire Standing’ .  To leanr what ‘business like behaviour’ means.

I have taught her some of the best business cliches.

Last night I picked up a new one – “I can taste success in my spit“.  Some last minute cramming should get that into her vocabulary for the day.  Screw – ‘winning friends and influencing people’. Bah!

  • Backstab
  • Blameshift
  • Slip under the radar
  • Avoid failure (“losses are inconcievable” – Alan Sugar),
  • Eschew creativity (we will serve canapes in togas!),
  • Look for suckers to fleece with a hit and run operation (start at £60 a head and drop to £15 without changing the service specification).
  • Wrap honesty and dishonesty under a shield of rudeness.
  • look out for number one – exploit the weak and the poor – this IS the real world – learn the rules and play by them – HARD

Oh yes.  Industry day.

We enterprise educators can be proud!

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