Rise and Fall

I am sad to hear that the Rise Catalyst Centre in Seacroft, Leeds, that was only opened in November last year is closing.  Instead of an investment producing entrepreneurs it will  now be used to train bricklayers and similar trades.

I have nothing against bricklayers, but genuine entrepreneurship is needed to help communities to grow in modern economies.  It is in large part an over-reliance on employment in blue collar industry that has held communities like Seacroft back.

Seacroft residents interested in enterprise will now have to meet their advisers at Seacroft library rather  than in a wonderful purpose built facility. 

However, putting the advisers where the community already meet makes a lot of sense, saves a lot of money and was always the right thing to do.  We have to take our work to the community and not expect, that just because we have built great facilities, that the community will come to us.

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