What if Work Was Social Again?



  1. Mike this rocks !

    You have no idea how opportune this was !

    I just love the whole kismet/karma/destiny vibe of life.

    Thanks for sharing
    m x

  2. Sorry, Mike – this one doesn’t do it for me.

    Here are two reasons.

    1 It’s naive. Yes, the best ideas are naive and beautifully simple, and I’m all for that. But people, for all sorts of reasons, don’t act socially at work and your own comments on the Apprentice, Dragons’ Den etc show some of the reasons for that. We have a system and an approach to ‘competitiveness’ that is deeply antisocial and we have to tackle it.

    2 Asking ‘what if’ is great. We should do more of it. And then we should start to say how we go about turning the what ifs into reality. If we stop short of that, we risk becoming trite.

    But I do appreciate the sentiments…

    • People are social. Work is often designed to play down the social and creative aspects of our humanity. However it does not have to be this way.

      First the vision – then the action – Aspire, Believe, Achieve. I guess this video speaks to the Aspire and Believe parts. Achievement requires a whole lot of time, effort and person centred management practices. Happy to help you with the ‘practical bits’ too if you are interested!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    • No need to apologise Julian. Your first point about the ‘masks’ that we wear at work is crucial. I think self awareness is central and understanding the difficulties associate with acting out of character. We have a choice to conform to perceived workplace norms (polite team work, deference, dependence, risk avoidance, blame shifting etc) or to be our ‘higher’ selves. Just need more to choose the latter over the former and that is about awareness, permission, courage and integrity.

      In terms of turning the what ifs into reality – that is why I practice. It is why PMN exists.

      Thanks for you contributions.

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