How Long Did it Take to Launch Your Business?

This is the title of a great post over at mynameisscott.

What do you mean by launch?

  • Open for business?
  • Make a sale?
  • Break-even?

He ends,

if by launch you mean figure out what I am doing – well I am still working on that one!

Interestingly Scott starts his exploration of ‘launch’ with ‘idea generation’.  But we could trace the origins of his enterprise journey way back before that.

  • What experiences led him to believe that he could turn an idea into a business?
  • What gave him the belief in the power of his own ideas?
  • How come his ideas seem to survive when for so many their ideas are quickly crushed and broken?

I think that these are the questions that we need to explore if we are to really understand how to develop more enterprising communities.

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