What Inspires and Transforms Us?

I have had several conversations with a range of professionals in regeneration and enterprise in recent weeks to explore what specific skills, qualities and behaviours are likely to help to ‘transform’ or ‘inspire’ a client.

I am interested because:

  • I have witnessed the power of personal and transformational relationships myself and think it would be useful to understand the recipes (if they exist)
  • Many claim that their mission is to ‘inspire and transform’ yet their methodologies are based on transactional consulting –  data collection, analysis and advice/recommendation.  These can be useful but I do not think they consistently (or even occasionally) inspire or transform.
  • If we are seeking to provide relationships through which others can inspire and transform their lives then perhaps we ought to have a little more organised insight into what makes the process work.

I have read a lot of the theory and it has its merits.  However I am interested now in the experience of those who have been inspired or transpired:

  • What skills and qualities were present?
  • What behaviours were used?
  • What made the inspiration/transformation happen?
  • Was the relationship face to face – or mediated through a book or other media?
  • Was it intentional – they were offering to transform and inspire an dyou were looking for it)?
  • Was it accidental – unplanned, spontaneous?

All insights welcomed and I will of course share the results!


  1. Gareth Sear says:

    Hi Mike

    I attended a three day workshop run by Anthony Robbins, which was attended by around 10,000 people. I think a lot of people were inspired that day and a colleague of mine was extremly inspired and I believe has gone through an element of transformation beacuse of it. Now in an appeal to the masses kind of way, there were huge amounts of techniques used from coaching to nlp getting us to hug each other, do exercises, bringing out role models, and using music a lot. I know that this had to appeal to 10,00 people and that it was a sales pitch as well, but it inspired my life style for about 3 months, then I reverted back to my old one.

    Some useful thoughts….?


    • I think that the inspiration of crowds is an art or science in its own right. As you know my main interest is through inspiration and transformation through ongoing 121 relationships, characterised by honesty and openess, confidentiality and respect. Also being person centred and ‘agenda free’ helps.

      I think your post brings out the temporary and fleeting nature of inspiration. And the danger of lapse and relapse.

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