Person Centred and Responsive Service Delivery

I am thinking about developing a workshop to explore what is involved in developing a person centred and responsive mechanism for high quality service delivery.  Relevant to public, private and third sector organisations, this workshop will help to understand the challenges of adopting person centred and responsive methodologies and the very real benefits that come from meeting them head on.

Drawing on both theory and practice I would see the session covering:

  • Why person centred – what does it mean – how does it help?
  • Responsive versus strategic service delivery
  • At the point of engagement – what do we do at the front line?
  • Managing boundaries, outcomes and expectations
  • Building responsive networks
  • Making the financial dynamics work – if we don’t guarantee outputs who will pay?
  • Person centred, responsive and local
  • Moving in the right direction – next steps

Would you be interested?  What else would you like to see covered?

Feedback and comments welcome!


  1. My only query would be when could we get thought-provoking training like this in Kent?

  2. Please let me know how you get on with the planning for a Yorkshire event, Mike. (We’d be happy to host the workshop at Paces Campus for free)

    • A very kind offer Norman! Would value your thoughts on content too! I think the responsive part would include some principles that might fit very well with conductive approaches….

      Do you think you could help to drum up a group who would be willing and able to pay for the delivery of such a session?

  3. Quick thoughts Mike as I need to get on and actually do some work today lol.

    Can it be a “how to get the best out of your staff to increase company profits” workshop that sells and can therefore be offered free or at low cost to small charitable orgs.

    Can results be measured?

    I certainly like it and have thought in the past about developing something similar for social firms who attempt to employ people experiencing homelessness for example.

    I would say there is a market especially where charitable orgs are considering working partnerships with private businesses.

    I could be way off the mark but hope that helps in some way!

  4. I’d be interested as would colleagues from Community Alternatives Team in LCC ASC mental health day services. Of particular interest to me is “managing boundaries, outcomes and expectations” & “building responsive networks” – has done some interesting work on these areas if helpful

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