Enterprise Show 2010

Enterprise Show Poster in Leeds

Enterprise Show is on its way to town again.

Wasn’t it this couple, on this setee who featured in last years adverts for the Enterprise Show?

I wonder if they will ever start….

And  ‘We’ve got all you need to know in ONE day‘ ….

You show me an entrepreneur who says they learned all they need to know in ONE DAY and I will show you a liar.

Now where is that number for advertising standards…


  1. Harry Fortune says:

    I’m sure I’ve sure I’ve seen them in other places wanting to start a business…

  2. Harry Fortune says:

    might go to the show though, I’ve been studying Business in one way or another for 20 odd years and I still don’t think I know enough…

  3. I went to this a couple of years ago and was suitably under whelmed by the quality of the support on offer. I even went to one of the seminar/ training sessions, to be honest if one of my staff had delivered it they would be looking for another job.

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