Entrepreneurship – Obama’s Foreign Policy?

These quotes of Barack Obama are taken from the recent Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship:

Why Entrepreneurship?

“A sustained effort to listen to each other, to learn from each other, to respect for one another”… “By listening to each other we have been able to partner with each other, we have expanded educational exchanges, because knowledge is the currency of the twenty-first century.”

“Entrepreneurship because you told us that this was an area where we can learn from each other. Where America can share our experience as a society that empowers the inventor and the innovator. Where men and women can take a chance on a dream. Taking an idea that starts around a kitchen table or in a garage, and turning it into a new business or industry that can change the world. Entrepreneurship because throughout history the market has been the most powerful force for creating opportunity for lifting people out of poverty. Entrepreneurship because it is in our mutual interest…”

And social entrepreneurship because as I learned as a community organiser in Chicago, real change comes from the bottom up, the grass roots, starting with the dreams and passions of individuals serving their communities.

“we are forging new partnerships in which high-tech leaders from Silicon Valley will share their expertise in venture capital, mentorships, technology incubators, with partners in the Middle East, in Turkey and Southeast Asia”

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