The Entrepreneur’s Workshop – A Seminar for Entrepreneurs and Their Advisers

Workshops are fascinating and dangerous places. In the right hands they can produce things of great beauty and real lasting value.  In the wrong hands they can do great damage and wreck lives.

The Entrepreneur’s Workshop is no different.

True enough; the tools have no sharp edges, burning furnaces or high-speed drills.  They are a set of ideas, principles, practices and habits that, applied with care and passion, can produce a wonderful lifestyle.  Learn to use these tools properly and they will serve you well.  Misuse them and the consequences are likely to include debt, damaged relationships and misery.

This 2 hour session introduces 10 of the most powerful tools that the entrepreneur can use to build a business with real lasting value:

  1. The Truth Detector – How to decide what might work for you
  2. ‘Want to’ or ‘Have to…’?
  3. The Double Edged Sword
  4. Getting Organised – doing what has to be done, and doing it well
  5. Entrepreneur or Artisan?
  6. Have, Do, Become…
  7. Build a Team OR Do it All – the choice is yours
  8. Writing the ‘investment ready’ Business Plan
  9. Situational Enterprise – technique and motivation
  10. Towards the Total Quality Enterprise – a tool to decide ‘What’s next?’

The Entrepreneur’s Workshop is fast paced, honest and highly practical.  Participants will understand each of the tools and be able to use them to build a better business – or to put their entrepreneurial dreams on hold – at least for now.

Who Would Benefit from a Visit to the Entrepreneur’s Workshop?

I have run The Entrepreneur’s Workshop is fast paced, honest and highly practical introduction to 10 of the most powerful tools for entrepreneurs. in many different settings, from a University post-graduate course on Creative Enterprise to pre-start entrepreneurs on a Local Enterprise Growth Initiative (LEGI) programme. The workshop is relevant and accessible to a wide range of entrepreneurs from pre-start through to experienced business owners.  It has also been well received by a wide range of advisor’s and coaches.


If you would like me to run the workshop for a group of entrepreneurs and you provide the venue, refreshments and manage the administration then the cost of the workshop is £750 plus travel and subsistence and VAT.

For more information contact Mike on 07788 747954 or just leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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