Transformation at Tower Works – Grass Roots or Astroturf?

Seems ironic that I should pick up on this on a day when I have been quoting Barack Obama on real change being a grass-roots phenomena.

It seems that someone has decided that the ‘regeneration’ that is underway at Tower Works in Leeds needs to catch the eye a little more.  So why not install a grass mosaic spelling out TRANSFORM so as to be visible from the top of nearby local landmark the Candle Building.  Why not indeed?  Such metaphorical power…..

I am surprised that they did not use Astroturf.  At least it has no pretence at being grass-roots and can be laid quite happily on concrete.  The grass-roots here are destined to whither.

Regeneration is not about buildings and developers.  It is about people, passion, skills and aspirations.  It is about community, networks and creativity.  In s

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