The Great Reset – Lessons for Leeds?

The most successful examples…result not from top-down policies imposed by local governments but from organic, bottom-up, community based efforts.  While…government and business leaders pressed for big government solutions – new stadiums and convention centres – the city’s real turnaround was driven by community groups and citizen-led initiatives.  Community groups, local foundations and non-profits – not city hall or business led economic development groups – drove…transformation, playing a key role in stabilising and strengthening neighbourhoods…Many of…(the) best neighbourhoods…are ones that were somehow spared from the wrath of urban renewal…

Richard Florida – The Great Reset

Talking about the transformation of Pittsburgh.

It is not about getting citizen led groups to do the work of the state – which seems to be the idea behind BIG Society – but about engaging the state in the work of the citizens.  Making a transition as far as possible from authority towards enabler.

This requires community development workers to not be ‘bought’ by the state to foist policy on neighbourhoods.  To recognise that their role is to facilitate enterprising communities and not to be an extension of the state with a smiling face.

Sounds reasonable?  The get involved with Progress School and/or Innovation Lab.


  1. Government is never going to be the solution for so many reasons – prime among those reasons:

    1) They are beholden to those who control the money supply.
    2) Many in government spend far too much time and energy staying in office.
    3) Most of the time they’re focused on all the wrong goals and/or not tracking results.
    4) Governments (and many large corporations) punish employees that actually DO something and CARE enough to try to improve them.

    That behavior over time trains their work forces to do as little as possible and keep their heads down.

    So many people have been removed from having what they do tied to actual results that most measure their work productivity in the hours they clock with no idea whether anything they do during those hours benefits anyone.

    The solution is clear to me and I hope it is to many others. I would love to hear from anyone who feels the same way I do.

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