The Regeneration Game – Builders, architects and developers

Yesterday I asked the twitterverse:

Why does nearly all regeneration work in Leeds have at its heart buildings, architects and developers?

It produces some interesting, and necessarily brief responses:

Because Leeds is full of banks, and banks only sell money and property guarantees money. making bankers feel safe!


Buildings provide a container for loads of good activity, somebody has to make sure they perform effectively?


People associate regeneration with the fabric of the city, not with people, even when it’s supposedly about making lives better…or maybe it’s because we need a tangible output from the investment rather than seeing regeneration as a process.


Your wrong! Nearly all regeneration work full stop is about buildings and architects – what else could politicians open?


Because that’s where regen grants are targeted? In infrastructure rather than people?


Didn’t you get the memo? Regeneration is a synonym for new building project 😉


because that’s where the cash is?


Definition of regeneration I really like the moral revival or rebirth definition. Real social change…


Your thoughts?



  1. johnpopham says:

    It reminds me of when I met some civil servants about setting up a Virtual Academy. I was told that Academies must be buildings that can be opened by Ministers.

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