A Provocation….

Neoliberalism demands that more and more of the working population tolerate a lack of job security, evince flexibility, and revise customary ways of doing things. Workers must be comfortable living off short-term projects secured through whatever means necessary—ceaseless networking and bootlicking, ruthless leveraging of friends and family contacts, spinning a series of half-truths on a résumé—and they must be more or less self-motivated to produce, to regard themselves as creative forces, to generate economic value in every aspect of how they live, instrumentalizing it all.


I absolutely encourage you to read the full article.  Identity, brand, social networking…


  1. Now I know why I haven’t been able to secure employment for 3 months.
    will now revert to dumbing down, nepotism, boot-licking and lying, like everyone else I assume. This may also explain why I didn’t survive in my last but one public sector job, trying to advise local authority leaders and chief executives. (See Cat Herding)
    Well see what difference the new approach and the new me makes!

  2. Fully recommend reading the full article. Submission to the this zeitgeist is not the only option…

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