How Should We Recognise a Successful Economy?

Seems to me that everyone thinks a ‘successful economy’ is critical to our future, but what characteristics would a ‘successful economy’ exhibit?

The Ideal?

  • It would exhibit private sector led growth
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Reducing levels of relative poverty
  • Reducing levels of health inequalities
  • Increasing levels of health and well-being
  • Increasing levels of employment with jobs that are doing ‘good work’ or as Cllr Walshaw suggests ‘dignity of endeavour’
  • Providing opportunities to work based on the culture, skills and passions of people as well as the commercial goals and employability demands of employers
  • It would serve all people – rather than distort them to serve its demands
  • It would provide access to services necessary for all to live a becoming existence
The Current Reality?
  • It would exhibit private sector led growth

That’s it. The wealth created may then be used to build a better society.



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