Some Barriers to Engagement

What are the things that make ‘engaging’ harder than it need be?  Here is my personal starter for 10…

  • Cost
  • Location/Access
  • Methods and practices that are culturally biassed
  • Corporatism (I have become increasingly disengaged with the Olympics as it more becomes just a platform for Coca Cola, McDonalds and co.)
  • Obfuscation ( the hiding of intended meaning)
  • Procedural issues – closed meetings, delayed agendas, delayed minutes
  • Fear – will I look a fool?
  • Fear – will I make enemies?
  • It will be a waste of time – engage or not – it makes no odds
  • Emphasis on events over process (we consult or hold a focus group rather than engage in a dialogue over time)
  • Language – use of jargon
  • Language that is highly gendered or stereotyped
  • Culture – lack of capacity to bring people in, to help them learn

Any more…?

Interested in how we can dismantle some of these barriers?

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