Community Coaching in Practice – a route to A City of Enterprise

A city of around 800,000 people like Leeds would require a network of around 16 coaches to provide access to person centred coaching support for everyone that really wanted it.  To provide a city wide talent development programme allowing communities to play a full role in the success of their members.

  • It would engage about 40 000 people in the process of providing direct hands on assistance to their peers.
  • It would provide direct assistance to about 2000 beneficiaries a year, the vast majority of whom would make significant progress in their personal journeys as a result of benefiting from a coaching rather than a coercive approach.
  • I would anticipate at least 500 sustainable business starts from this cohort every year.  I would envisage business survival rates around the 90% rate after 3 years.
  • It would make a very real difference to the perceptions of some 40 000 people a year about the extent to which they feel that they ‘belong to’ and ‘feel supported’ in their community.
  • In addition to traditional ‘enterprise’ outputs I would expect substantial impacts on health and well-being as well as increases in volunteering, cultural productivity, mental health, fitness etc.
  • It would help to integrate the dual priorities of economy and community rather than treating them as separate and often incompatible determinants.
  • Within 3-7 years I would expect it to have made a sustained and measurable difference to the enterprise culture in the city region.

And it would cost about £800 000 a year.

For the price of a rich wo/man’s house we could build a city wide talent development programme that would help us become a true A City of Enterprise.


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