Enterprise Growth Training

I spend a lot of time training practitioners and policy makers around the challenges of enterprise growth and entrepreneurship.  Below are brief outlines of a couple of the programmes that I have run recently.

Introduction to Enterprise Coaching

This one day workshop introduces a model of enterprise coaching that takes you from the challenge of making initial contact with individuals and groups on the enterprise agenda through to enabling them to make progress on their agenda and managing a professional and ethical exit strategy.

  • Making Initial Contact
  • Gaining Entry – Getting an Invitation to Help
  • Contracting – Setting ground rules for the helping relationship
  • Collecting Data on the Enterprising Goal
  • Generating Options and Making Decisions
  • Making and Implementing Plans
  • Managing Your Exit – Promoting Independence

It will help to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the enterprise coaching service.

Marketing Enterprise

This one day workshop looks at strategies and techniques for marketing enterprise projects.

Using both the Change Cycle of Prochaska and DiClemente and the Enterprise Coaching Model this one day workshop will help you to develop ways of marketing enterprise programmes.

The day will focus on marketing enterprise in communities with lower than usual levels of enterprise.

  • Developing Collateral (that might just work)
  • Working with Gatekeepers
  • Building Word of Mouth Strategies

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