Developing the Board

Do you have a board of directors, trustees or an advisory board?

Are you developing a Clinical Commissioning group or a Health and Wellbeing board perhaps?

Are you looking for cost effective ways to develop its effectiveness?

I have developed a simple but comprehensive online questionnaire that will allow individual board members to confidentially share their perceptions of how things are going, covering such issues as

  • How the board is organised and run
  • How vision and values shape the work of the board and the organisation
  • The development of strategy and its implementation
  • Delegation to management and its effectiveness
  • Responsibilities to and relationship with stakeholders
  • How strategies, objectives and policies are developed and implemented
  • How internal control procedures operate and variances are identified and managed

There is also a section that allows individual board members to explore their personal development needs as a board member which can be used to shape development priorities.

Either you can just collect the data and sort it out yourself, or I will do some analysis and build it into a board development workshop for you.

If you would like to try the online questionnaire then please do email me for the password.


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