Giving and Getting Great Feedback

Feedback is the prime fuel for developing more effective behaviour, processes and systems. However too often we fail to give feedback for fear of causing conflict or offence. When we do give feedback it can feel like we are doing more more harm than good. You will learn simple straightforward techniques for giving feedback that will to lead to positive change and improved relationships. For excellent managers feedback is the most frequently used management tool. Learning to use it well is essential if you want to excel as a manager.

Key Benefits

  • Significantly increase the amount of feedback received by every member of the team – in a way that is constructive and fuels learning and performance improvement
  • Encourage others to give you the feedback that you need to recognise what is working and what needs to be improved
  • Give feedback in a way that is comfortable and straightforward – and unlikely to cause conflict or tension
  • Use feedback as a powerful tool for service improvement

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