Handling Conflict in Your Team, With Your Peers or Your Boss

All managers have to handle situations when two of their team members find themselves in conflict. What is the best way to handle the situation?

  1. Stick your head in the sand and hope that it goes away?
  2. Call them both into your office and engage in some tactful diplomacy?
  3. Or work with them both individually to help them get back on an even keel?

Another inevitable situation is when you find yourself in conflict with one of your peers – or even your boss.

In this workshop you will learn a tried and tested process for managing conflict between members of your team.

You will also learn how to handle the situation when you find yourself in conflict with your peers or even your boss.

Key Benefits

  • Learn a process that is proven to to help minimise destructive conflict between team members
  • Learn how to behave in meetings when you find yourself in conflict with your peers or your boss.
  • What to say and do so that your opinion is heard and relationships are maintained
  • Learn the common mistakes that managers make when they face conflict at work – and how you can avoid them.

Remember this workshop comes with a full money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by booking now!

You will get FREE membership of the Progressive Managers’ Network and Online Forum.

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