Making Meetings Work

  • They nearly always start late and then run over.
  • Half of the people in them are more interested in checking texts and e-mails on their Blackberries than they are in contributing to the meeting.
  • The agenda is not clear and most people haven’t read the papers in advance.
  • And then people hi-jack the meeting for their own complaints and irritations.

No wonder that the poor meetings is cited by so many as the number one workplace irritation.

Holding effective meetings is not rocket science. By applying a few simple rules – and giving adjusting feedback to those who choose not to play by them – you can soon be holding meetings that people will want to attend.

Whether they are face to face or on a teleconference this workshop will show you how to make sure that your meetings stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Key Benefits

  • Learn how to structure and present an agenda for maximum effectiveness
  • Learn the role of the meeting owner and how to keep your meeting on track
  • Choosing and using meetings – to meet or not to meet – that is the question
  • Making sure that all agenda items are owned by someone – and that they stick to their timings
  • Getting action points agreed, accountabilities assigned and followed up
  • Understand what meetings you ought to be having, how often – and how much time they should take up
  • Change the culture in your organisation by raising the bar on meeting effectiveness and efficiency

Remember this workshop comes with a full money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by booking now!

You will get FREE membership of the Progressive Managers’ Network and Online Forum.

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