Progress School

Progress School helps people, communities and organisations who are looking to make progress, learn and connect.

It gives you the knowledge and skills that you need to manage your learning to give you the best chance of making progress on what really matters.

Progress might relate to:

  • personal circumstances – improved housing, better relationships, more income, fulfilment etc
  • opportunities and problems facing the ‘wider’ community – climate change, sustainability, political power, community development, improved health and well-being
  • performance, productivity, sustainability and the pursuit of excellence for your business or other organisation

Progress School provides a framework and the support that you need to become more powerful in the pursuit of whatever it is that you want to see change.

Is Progress School For Me?

Progress School is for anyone who wants to explore and develop their own ability and power to progress on WHATEVER matters most to them. So you could be working on strategic plans for a City, or working out how you are going find somewhere decent to live.

What is involved?

I am a qualified teacher with over 30 years of experience in teaching and learning. Progress School gives you time and space to reflect on what progress means to you and make plans to pursue it.  You may clarify your goals, plan some more learning or use new behaviours to get different results.

Progress School is relaxed, spontaneous and enjoyable.


Progress School runs as a series of public, open courses, or as private, in-house programmes.

Public, open schools are ‘paid for’ by members and made possible by local people donating their time and facilities to the project. I ask members to pay what they can afford, but free is fine.  Ability to pay will never be a barrier to access.

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