Sharing Dreams – Inviting Support

Realising Community Development  projects will enable individuals to develop their dreams to the point where they either:

  • decide that they are not realistic and park them in favour of different aspirations – in which case the dream process starts afresh, or
  • believe in them strongly enough to want to act on them.

In this second case people will be invited to make their dream public.  This will  serve two purposes:

  • it will increase their commitment to the dream
  • it will make it possible for others in the community, and beyond, to offer help and support to the individual in achieving their dream.

Setting up a ‘dreams database’ where individuals with resources, skills and expertise can be put in touch with those who can use the support effectively will be a key component of the project.  The dreams database will take the form of a website and an e-mail/listserver that will serve to significantly increase the reach of the project in securing resources for its memebers.  This resource will complement the work of the local RCD panel in identifying support for local people.

Both the Dreams Database and the RCD panel will help the RCD coach to put people in touch with the support that they need to move things forward.


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