Services include:

  1. Progress School – group based personal and professional development.
  2. Community Conversations – bringing local people together to talk and act in pursuit of their interests and concerns.
  3. Local Community Enterprise Accelerators – peer based support for enterprising people and projects.
  4. Innovation Lab – learning to think differently and create new possibilities – making innovation a habit.
  5. Results Factory – using Mark Friedman’s work on Results Based Accountability to crowdsource progress on key issues.
  6. Lead-A-Venture – learning how to make sure that important ventures get the leadership that they require.
  7. Bottom Up Is the New Black – a side project to explore the implications and practicalities of bottom up  approaches to development.
  8. Progressive Manager’s Network – helping managers to develop the potential and productivity of their teams.

These are all based on a set of person centred practices which give them a coherence and together they can provide a powerful network for wiring up a community for progress.


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