Bonsai People in a Bonsai Culture?

Bonsai = An ornamental tree or shrub grown in a pot and artificially prevented from reaching its normal size The bonsai is not a genetic variant but has within it the potential to become a fully grown tree.  However it is carefully cultivated to meet the demanding requirements of the gardener.  It is fed few nutrients, kept in shallow soil, not allowed to form deep roots, continually pruned and kept 'in proportion'; shaped to the precise requirements of the gardener and the specifications of their profession. Bonsai People Bonsai people have had their development limited, distorted and shaped by the influence of their environment rather more than it has been driven by their own potential and aspirations.  To an extent we are all Bonsai People.  But some people have been more bonsaid than others. And some seem to be very content with their bonsai nature.  While others are frustrated at the sensation that there must be something more in them than this. Yesterday I was on the phone with Rich Huxley and we were talking about developing musicians. I told him of a mentor in Leeds who had boasted to me about how they had worked with a 14 year old boy whose ambition was 'to be the best bass guitarist in the world' … [Read more...]

Horrible Bosses…

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The Web Changes (nearly) Everything…and what to do about it…

The web has changed (nearly) everything. Bloggers, Tweeters, Patient Opinion, Fill That Hole and so on...the web is full of people's opinions, experiences, ideas and beliefs about you, your organisation and your products and services. It is far more likely that we will read about what you do in a piece written on the web by our peers than a piece written by your Press Office or PR agent on your website. We have learned to recognise and respond to authentic voices that want to converse.  We are increasingly immune to your sales pitches.... In this one day workshop we will explore exactly what has changed because of the web and how. This will not be a day for technologists and web geeks, but for communications professionals, service managers, business developers, strategists and others who are wondering how to manage perceptions on the web and use them to build a better business. We will not be looking in any detail at the specifics of particular social media platforms or web sites but we will be examining how the new information that it surfaces can either kill or cure an organisation. We will then look at practical actions and strategies that will help to re-position you effectively in the web enabled … [Read more...]

The Internet is a Completely Different Culture…

The genius of muppetry. … [Read more...]

Innovation Takes Flight

Loving the man on the bicycle.... … [Read more...]

Marketing Wisdom from David Mitchell

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Complexity from Simplicity

This video provides a useful and at times very beautiful introduction to the topics of complexity and emergence - which offer us a very different way to think about our organisations and how we manage them. and this one takes the journey a little further: If you want to see how you can use these ideas to improve your leadership and management then do get in touch. … [Read more...]

Anger Does Pay – Big Time

They usually write a lot of sense over at management issues, which is why I was a little surprised to read an article called Anger Doesn't Pay. In my book it is perhaps the most important driver for change and innovation. Anger serves a  surprising purpose .  It gives us a clue, a sign that there is something here that we can have the energy and creativity to make better.  Anger pays much more than indifference which at time seems ubiquitous. What does not pay of course is losing your temper.  Shouting and displaying your anger in ways that alienate people rather than recruit them to your cause. So value your anger, cultivate it, harness it and make progress.  Just don't let it ignite your temper! I help accidental managers become outstanding managers - if I can help you give me a call - 0113 815 3765 (UK) … [Read more...]

Social Media and Learning in the Enterprise

Hierarchies into wirearchies! … [Read more...]

Are You This Innovative?

Do you need to be? … [Read more...]


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