Horrible Bosses…

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Appraisal Time Cometh….

Do you need some training to help you with the appraisal process? … [Read more...]

What Can You Learn from Netflix Culture?

There is some great content here, but then there should be in a 128 slide deck!  This is not to be presented, but read.  And thought about. Look at how this information is communicated. Performance on this in the private sector is often poor. Performance in public and third sectors is usually worse, in my experience, because the disconnect between espoused values and reality is often wider. In very small businesses it is not a big issue.  But as things scale up, as middle managers and team leaders start to appear this type of issue can become 'make or break'. Everyone is clear on what works at Netflix.  Employees, customers and shareholders. How do you communicate about culture? Do words and actions match up in your organisation? What can you do to improve things? … [Read more...]

Progress School in Leeds

Just about to embark on a new venture in Leeds called Progress School, providing pay what you can professional and personal development.  Progress School offers: A confidential and supportive environment in which to plan your personal and professional development Time to develop a vision for the 'ideal you' and to learn more about the 'real you' - how you are perceived by others Recognition of strengths and gaps - those potentials that you have not yet fully realised A learning agenda - identify what you need to learn and how you are going to learn it to bridge the gap between 'real' and 'ideal' Access to a network of fellow Progress School members who will commit to helping you learn A chance to experiment - to try out new behaviours and skills - to see if they work for you Develop new practices that help you make progress Progress School is designed to offer you a flexible process to support your development.  The more you attend the more you are likely to get from it - but there is no curriculum to follow - just a process of reflection and action to engage with. Interested?  Book Your Place...Now Prices start from free.... … [Read more...]

The Boss’s Lie

"What I want is someone who will do what I tell them to." "What I want is someone who works cheap." "What I want is someone who shows up on time and doesn't give me a hard time." So if this is what the boss really wants, how come the stars in the company don't follow these three rules? From Seth Godin's Linchpin … [Read more...]

Anger Does Pay – Big Time

They usually write a lot of sense over at management issues, which is why I was a little surprised to read an article called Anger Doesn't Pay. In my book it is perhaps the most important driver for change and innovation. Anger serves a  surprising purpose .  It gives us a clue, a sign that there is something here that we can have the energy and creativity to make better.  Anger pays much more than indifference which at time seems ubiquitous. What does not pay of course is losing your temper.  Shouting and displaying your anger in ways that alienate people rather than recruit them to your cause. So value your anger, cultivate it, harness it and make progress.  Just don't let it ignite your temper! I help accidental managers become outstanding managers - if I can help you give me a call - 0113 815 3765 (UK) … [Read more...]

Value our People More or Social Enterprise will be Lost

This is the title of an interesting post by Adrian Ashton over at Social Enterprise. Adrian cites major problems with both pay and prospects with 60% of those working in the sector expecting to leave it within the next 5 years. there are various strategies and policies around how social enterprise is going to save the world, but in all the hype and excitement we must be careful to remember that it can only do so if our people feel valued in doing so and we can retain them for the journey. So social enterprises must join the 'War for Talent'. At the heart of talent acquisition and retention is a single, simple question.  What is our winning Employee Value Proposition (EVP)?  What value can we offer employees that means they will join us, stay and develop their impact? And this is where the social enterprise sector has a potential significant advantage over many for profits.  But an advantage that many social enterprises squander. A social enterprise can offer meaning, purpose, authenticity (the chance to do what I am 'meant' to be doing, to express who I really am through my contribution - to do 'good' work) and impact.  It is not about pursuing profits but pursuing social justice.  About building a better world. … [Read more...]

Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose – the PMN Way

This TED video by Dan Pink provides some lovely support for the PMN approach to management.  18 minutes or so. … [Read more...]

Focussing On Deviance and Missing Beauty

I often meet managers who are obsessed with plans and performance.  As a result they tend to focus on deviance.  Things that go wrong, that don't meet the plan. As a result they find it hard to see and acknowledge the good stuff.  The vast majority of their feedback is about problems and they fail to acknowledge or even see the good work that is done every day. If you need convincing that you only see what you are looking for try this video for size. Share this Post … [Read more...]

Conducting and Leadership

Find yourself half an hour and wathc ths wonderful video to learn about leadership from conductor Itay Talgam. Looks at various conducting styles and teaches profoundly while entertaining! Share this Post … [Read more...]


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