Marketing Enterprise December 5th – Follow Up

Our Marketing Enterprise day on December 5th held at LearningTree International in Euston was very well received.

Feedback from participants suggested that the highlights were:

  • examples of good and bad (mainly bad!) enterprise marketing collateral
  • ideas on choosing and using ‘gatekeepers’ to get the message of enterprise into ‘hard to reach’ groups
  • Prochaska and DiClemente (leading one delegate to coin the phrase – ‘Prochaska – Yay!’)
  • market segmentation models were seen as very powerful
  • a reminder of the power and simplicity of youtube for getting over enterprise stories was very welcome (why do we still spend tens of thousands of pounds on getting professionally shot video?)
  • the situational enterprise model that helps us to think about both the psychological and the technical readiness of the would be entrepreneur was very popular as was the whole concept of social networking (thanks to Stuart Holmes for that insight)
  • the power of asking for introductions and training enterprise professionals to use them effectively
  • managing referrals professionally – not only to develop the clients potential but also to develop the quality of the suppliers

Delegates also suggested that improve the event we should:

  • get more marketing and PR people onto the event
  • provide more examples of good enterprise marketing collateral (if you have any please do pass it along)
  • develop it into a 2 day programme to allow ideas on pursuing additional funding sources and engagemene tof LSPs to be further explored.

We will be repeating the day in the New Year – with further development of some of the most powerful ideas – or you are welcome to drop me a line about bringing the workshop to your organisation.  Otherwise keep watching for new dates.

2 Replies to “Marketing Enterprise December 5th – Follow Up”

  1. Rob – you are correct about building relationships – but before that you have to have a reputation – some reason for the client to want to build a relationship.

    I see so many enterprise projects that seem to think that they have a divine right to access clients and spend very little time thinking about what they would need to be like for their target market to want to work with them.

    Or they bribe clients in with free lunches, hints about funding and a crèche/bouncy castle.

    So my focus is much more on getting the initial contact right which at least then gives you the chance to build a relationship

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