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  1. Mike,

    This was a truly fascinating watch. 40 minutes well spent.

    I particulary enjoyed the beginning part of this video where Paul Seabright spoke about the collaboration and exchange of goods between strangers.

    In part, I think there is an important distinction to make between our personal and consumer interests.

    Our personal interests include our social and professional status and maintaining the connections with friends and family.

    Whereas, our consumer interests are in purchasing goods which are fit for purpose, operate in the way we expect them too and deliver value for money.

    If we were to merge those two together, we would have a much closer bond between consumer and personal. We would buy from our friends and family. People who we trust, but would now be accountable to us if we had an issue with the product or service.

    That’s why I think we function better as a society when we take out the element of knowing who was involved in the process of making our goods or services.

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