One Reply to “Smile or Die – Why I don’t subscribe blindly to the school of positive thinking”

  1. I love this! I’m always amazed how many clients I work with feel bad because they can’t “get into” positive thinking! I mean what is that all about? They are even more amazed when I tell them it’s ok to feel negative, it’s an indication that something’s not right, so let’s concentrate on that. If we weren’t suppose to have negative thoughts we wouldn’t have them to my way of thinking! The relief on their faces is a sight to behold! Far easier then to get to what’s going on rather than have them think “happy thoughts” and the belief that if they concentrate on them hard enough, everything will be ok! It just papers over the cracks! It doesn’t resolve anything! It’s no wonder that coaching has itself a bit of a dodgy reputation because there are too many out there subscribing to “You have to think positive or everything will go belly up!”
    and encouraging clients to do the same! It should be about getting real! What’s really going on! When that happens, it creates a shift and focus changes. So solutions and opportunities that weren’t noticed appear. Nothing woo woo about it! It’s A bit like buying a new red car and suddenly seeing red cars everywhere. They were always there, just they weren’t on the radar so didn’t notice them! (Unless your previous car was red of course!) Then can start taking some positive action and it doesn’t matter what that is, just little things at least it’s moving forward!
    I do think films like “The Secret” have a lot to answer for, although I did enjoy it, but the message was wrong! Not in a million years just by sitting on the sofa thinking about a million pounds dropping out of the sky will it happen! Coaches have a responsibility to be realistic with clients and stop pretending that positive thinking is some sort of magic wand that will make everything ok! Get to to the real cause, examine and allow the negative! I suppose that makes me a subscriber to the power of negative thinking but in a positive way! Right! will get off my soapbox now! A coach who specialises in the power of negative thinking! Hmmm! Could be a niche there!

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