Olympic Gold – It all starts with a dream….

Shaa Wasmund is a renowned enteprise guru whose own achievements both as an entrepreneur and as a provider of enterprise support have massively outweighed my own.   Shaa asserts that…

Every athlete once had a dream to stand on an Olympic stage. But, they didn’t just talk about their dreams, they put in the hours, hard work and dedication to make them a reality. They gave all they had for one moment in time.

In my experience many who achieve excellence entered their field because they loved it rather than because they wanted to stand on an Olympic podium or to be a millionaire before they reach 30.  Sometimes it IS the big dream that allows you to put in the hours of dedicated effort.  But much more frequently it is the hours of dedicated effort that eventually allow you to dare to believe in the big dream.  Most of us, to begin with at least, were not motivated by thoughts of winning on the big stage, but by pursuing our interests and exploring possibilities….

Our progress is driven by the dedicated development and exploration of passion and identity.  A journey that often begins with no real clarity over where it might lead, or how far it might go.

I think this openness to journeys that start in different places with different intensities and ambitions is absolutely critical to make the most of all potential, whether it is in sport, business or any field.

And where should we invest our time and money?  In helping people to navigate the ealry stages of their journeys.  Because late stage development is, relatively speaking, child’s play.

2 Replies to “Olympic Gold – It all starts with a dream….”

  1. Had read through to the end – via an RSS feed – and was preparing to copy and share it with others, then realised who the author was! Of course I thought it was spot on! It’s M Chitty. Great stuff, Mike.

    One quibble, if I may – “make the most of all potential” sounds much too static for my taste. Potential is dynamic and appears in the “journey that often begins with no real clarity over where it might lead, or how far it might go”. Just so. Potential is created.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Norman. I am not do sure about whether the potential is there from the point of inception or not. Certainly our awareness of and our beliefs about our potential change dynamically, but the potential itself? If we were talking acorns and oak trees we would say that the innate potential was there from the start and its realisation was simply down to external conditions. I suspect that much the same might be true of people. Its just that part of the external conditions that shape the realisation, or expression, of potential are our own beliefs and those pressed upon us by others…

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